What do people look for in an online running coach?


"As much communication as possible."

"Tailor the plan as they get to know me better. Communication before workouts and feedback afterwards. Injury advice."

"Tiered levels of coach: just a plan, once a week feedback, fully involved."

"Ability to “pause” when the runner is injured."

"Provide training plan for specific goals and then some communication week to week. Ability to emergency text or email."

Chances are that if you're reading this then you're at least somewhat interested in running. I'm passionate about my own training and racing but I'm also here to help other reach that next goal or accomplishment. My biggest reason for why you should consider working with me for coaching your next running block is that I'm here to listen and tailor things to the individual. People want different things and that should be embraced when it comes to training. 

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