So what are you looking for with a running coach?

What's the benefit?

What makes a difference when it comes to being your best and how can I help?

I fully believe that everyone is an individual and each athlete is unique. When it comes to a training philosophy I'm a firm believer that consistent work leads to the best results. This may sound plain and simple but it's the truth. I think my biggest strength is being able to communicate and find what options will work best for you as a unique athlete.  

There are four tiers available to choose from. Whether you think you just need some basic guidance alongside a training plan or you want to have as much communication as possible there should be an option for what you are seeking!


Tier 1 - Basic - $30 per month (16 spots initially available, 10 spots remaining)

So you want to have some guidance in training? This tier offers up to a 16 week training plan for whatever you’re targeting. You’ll get a phone call of up to 30 minutes to set up what you’re looking for. You’ll get an email every other week to check in and adjust things along the way as long as you keep the subscription. If you're just looking for a training plan with guidance along the way this is the best bet for you.

Tier 2 - Advanced - $60 per month (6 spots available)

This middle plan offers more communication than the basic. You'll get a phone call of up to an hour to set up your training. You'll get an email at the beginning of each week with that week's training and the option of a 30 minute call each week to go over things as well. This option is great if you're looking for a training plan but also want to have communication constantly along the way. 

Tier 3 - Unlimited - $100 per month (3 spots available)

You want lots of feedback and to talk about training! You’ll get a phone call of up to an hour to set up and you’ll get a training plan written at your desired length and targeted at your specific goals. You’ll also get unlimited email contact, as well as texting. If desired, a weekly phone call up to 30 minutes can be scheduled to talk more through training each week.

Do any of the above options sound like they might be a fit for you?

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