So you know what you're training for.

You don't necessarily need a month to month coaching plan and you'd rather have something drafted up to follow through your goal race.

I'd also be glad to help with that! Here is how it works:


1. If you're interested in a training plan for an upcoming race click here to give me some more information about you!

2. I'll contact you within 24 hours about exactly what you're looking for. 

3. Within 48 hours after than I'll send you a link for payment: $50 for your first training plan, $40 if we've worked together before. For a 16 week plan that works out to 44 cents per day for your first time, or 35 cents per day for your second time on!

4. After I receive a completed transaction I'll either email a link to a Google Sheet, Excel Document, or PDF (whichever you prefer) with a completed training plan for your goal race. 

5. As the training plan goes on I'll send you an email once a month to check in if you'd like input on how to adjust things.